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This bundle includes the following:

How I Became A Hero - Chessie's Story  - 

Our much anticipated book How I Became A Hero - Chessie's Story is book 1 in our Original Children's Storybook Series. Every image of this 40 page, beautifully illustrated book is hand illustrated with no clipart to authenically represent K9 Chessie. Chessie's story is one that speaks of failure, success and friendship that children will relate to.   

Summary from back cover:  Hi! I’m Clint and this is Chessie.  He’s a Hero!  I bet you are wondering, just how does a dog become a hero?  Who decides what heroic job he’ll get?  Does he audition like an actor?  Lucky for you, Chessie’s here to tell you all about it.  He’s a real live K9 officer trained to protect and serve.  His heart-warming tale will teach you about hard work, failure, success and friendships that stand the test of time.  He’s one courageous pooch who overcomes fear to find where he belongs.  Now, he wants to share his remarkable journey with YOU!

K9 Hero Plush Chessie - 

The Hero Plush K9 is the perfect gift for anyone who loves and cares about dogs. These realistic-looking plush K9's are handcrafted with the highest quality materials and attention to detail. These soft and cuddly plush K9’s have a metal Paws of Honor Paw Charm on their collars, just like the real dogs trained to assist in law enforcement, search & rescue, etc.