K9 Senna's Stride

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Paws of Honor Children's Book Series spotlights "K9 Senna's Stride," written by E.A. Hartman and Illustrated by D.A. Stein. This edition features Senna, an athletic retired 'tripod' K9 hero dog who sustains a leg injury while in service, yet develops optimism, strength, and joyful new life strides through her ongoing relationships with Duchess, Dan, Sonja, and Boyan. "K9 Senna's Stride' is a heartfelt depiction based on a true story through the lens of Senna's K9 handler and Mom, Beth Hartman. The book's colorful illustrator, Dave Stein, captures Senna's spunky persona having been one of her uncles, and delights with the expertise of 36 years of professional artistry. This book truly comes from a place of love and a gift of legacy for K9 Senna. Please enjoy!

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